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S2 E4: Your Mind on History, Guns & Racism, with Dr. Gerald Higginbotham

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One of the first and strictest gun laws passed in the United States was the Mulford act of 1967, sparked by lawmakers perceived threat of the Black Panthers. Thus, the launch of the gun restriction movement was a targeted effort to limit Black Americans' gun access. How does this history influence attitudes about guns in the U.S. today? Dr. Gerald Higginbotham discusses the importance of history as a context in which to consider present-day attitudes, and how our own perceptions of history, like how long ago we feel the Tulsa Race Massacre happened, may in turn influence our current attitudes and support for policy.

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Dr. Gerald Higginbotham

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Black Panthers at the California Capitol in 1967

Black Panthers at the California Capitol,1967

CIR Online / Wikimedia Commons, from California Local News

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